Movie Night at Wrigley Field

Groupon Presents… Movie Night at Wrigley Field” on Saturday, October 1, 2011 (October 2, in the event of inclement weather). Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the evening’s movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, begins at 7:30 p.m. Tickets available from Groupon.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Groupon and Wrigley Field invite guests to a night of picnicking, music, and movie magic. Three 30-foot screens along the infield lip frame Matthew Broderick’s inimitable truancy and flagrant fourth-wall-breaking asides as guests unfurl blankets (lawn-chair use is prohibited) in the outfield or recline among the bleachers. Although hard-sided coolers and thermoses are not permitted, visitors can fill picnic baskets with whatever delicacies and non-alcoholic potables they like, as moviegoers get to bring their own food into the park and dine atop the Cubs’ hallowed outfield. The Captain Morgan Club, meanwhile, bolsters the body for raucous laughter and full-body attacks of nostalgia with a pre-show party of VIP vittles and drinks that kicks off at 5 p.m. Wrigley Field’s concessions stands will likewise fuel chortles with snacks and beer discounted versus regular game-day prices.

Guests arriving before 7 p.m. can take part in a historic attempt to top the world record for Most People Singing in the Round. A stadium-wide rendition of “Danke Schoen” pits left and right field against each other in aural combat, with all participants counted toward the immortal record by officials cleverly disguised as counting Muppets.

As soon as Wrigley’s gates open, guests can avail themselves of a host of aggressively punctual pleasures, snapping photos beneath the Wrigley marquee and taking pictures with life-size cutouts of Ferris Bueller cast members. Bands of Ferris, Sloan, and Cameron lookalikes will also roam the grounds, while an attendee lookalike contest tests costume quality and radiation-bestowed powers of shape-shifting. A DJ spins preshow beats, encouraging guests to shake it like a bipedal bottle of orange juice. Christy Lemire and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, co-hosts of Ebert Presents at the Movies, will introduce the film and highlight the reasons why AMC voted it the #1 John Hughes movie.

Captain Morgan Club at Wrigley FieldWhen you click Buy Tickets, you’ll be redirected to an outside URL to complete your transaction via Groupon. Choose from the following options:

  • For $10, you get one ticket in the bleachers.
  • For $25, you get one ticket in the outfield lawn.
  • For $75, you get a VIP pre-show package that includes: •One ticket for the VIP section of the outfield lawn
  • Two hours of food and drink at the Captain Morgan Club, starting at 5 p.m.
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    John Dewan’s Stat of the Week™

    Quality Start Revisited

    Back in October of 2004 I wrote a Stat of the Week article called “Is quality start really a quality stat?” I pointed out how a pitcher who has a quality start (6 innings or more with 3 earned runs allowed or less) wins about two-thirds of the time and that shows the “quality” of the stat.  Recently, ESPN baseball commentator Bruce Levine, whom I highly respect, has been talking about how much he hates the stat pointing to the same argument that’s always made about it: “If a guy pitches exactly six innings and allows three runs, that’s a 4.50 ERA.  What’s quality about that?”   My argument has been that this is simply a mediocre tree in the big beautiful forest that makes up the quality start statistic.

    Well, I now take exception to myself.

    In preparing to refute Mr. Levine’s position on the stat, we decided to look at the situation that he and everyone else points out, exactly six innings and exactly three earned runs.  It seemed to me that a starting pitcher who did this was keeping his team in the game and that this would generally lead to good results.  Over the last 10 years, there have been 2,118 games where a starting pitcher has gone exactly six innings and allowed three earned runs.  Pretty big sample size.  It turns out that the winning percentage in those games for that pitcher’s team is a little below .500.  Maybe you can still say he’s keeping his team in the game, but it’s hardly quality.

    And I might be able to live with that as the mediocre tree in the forest, but there’s more.

    What about if the pitcher goes seven innings and allows three earned runs?  What about eight innings?  To my great amazement, it turns out that if a starting pitcher pitches anywhere between six and eight innings and allows three earned runs, his team wins less than 50% of the time (5,039 games, 2,491 wins, .494 winning percentage).  Even right at eight innings and three earned runs, it’s below .500 (356 games, 171 wins, .480 winning percentage).

    Here’s the complete chart:

    Team Winning Percentages –
    Starter Allows Three Earned Runs – Last Ten Years

    Starter IP Team Record

    Winning Percentage
    6.0 1007-1111 .475
    6.1 212-204 .510
    6.2 231-167 .580
    7.0 712-772 .480
    7.1 91-62 .595
    7.2 67-47 .588
    8.0 171-185 .480
    Total 2491-2548 .494
    8.1 20-2 .909
    8.2 9-6 .600
    9.0 or more 44-8 .846

    Another interesting part of this chart is this: when the pitcher records exactly 6, 7 or 8 innings, the winning percentage is below .500.  But when he extends into the next inning for at least one out, the percentage goes above .500.  I’ve been trying to figure out what this means.  I thought it might have to do with the difference between the leagues and pinch-hitting for the pitcher in the National League, but we didn’t see much when we looked at the data.  I am going to chalk it up to sample size issues (a lot less data where pitchers extend into the next inning) until I hear something better.   Suffice it to say, anytime a pitcher pitches eight innings or less and allows exactly three runs, the winning percentage is around .500. Maybe you can call it a “Kept-my-team-in-the-game Start”, but not a Quality Start.

    In summary, while the quality start is still a useful statistic, it is seriously flawed.  A way to fix it would be to change it to six innings or more, two earned runs, or more than eight innings, and three earned runs.  That would be quality, but that’s also too complicated.  The better stat is a new one that Bill James invented called “Gems”.  More on that next week.

    Side note: I want to give a big shout-out to my two excellent research assistants at Baseball Info Solutions, Ben Jedlovec and Rob Burckhard.  Without their fantastic research help, you’d see nothing but a lot of hot air and blank space in these articles.

    Used with permission from John Dewan’s Stat of the Week™,

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      John Dewan’s Stat of the Week™

      Who’s Hot and Who’s Not?

      Want to know how “hot” or “cold” your favorite players or team are, and to what degree? Well, Bill James came up with a way to translate recent performance into a temperature. It’s a cool (or hot, should we say) system that provides added insight into to the notion of hot and cold streaks.

      In his own words, James’ temperature system “gives you a quick read on how hot or cold a hitter is at the moment. Every hitter starts the season at ‘room temperature’ (72 degrees) and then tracks upward or downward with each at-bat, depending on what he does.”

      Here are the five hottest hitters in baseball:

      Hottest Hitters- May 26
      Player, Team Temperature
      Carl Crawford, Bos 109°
      Brendan Ryan, Sea 103°
      Nolan Reimold, Bal 102°
      David Ortiz, Bos 99°
      Matt Joyce, TB 99°

      After starting the season in a serious slump, Carl Crawford has bounced back, and is now the hottest player in baseball. Crawford is 8-9 with a SLG% of 1.555 last 2 games. The second hottest hitter is Brendan Ryan, who has 7 hits in his last 11 at bats. Ryan has come a long way since May 4th, when he had a temperature of 46°. It has been one great month for the Mariners’ infielder. Rounding out the hottest hitters list is Matt Joyce, who is leading the league in batting average (.367)

      How about the hot teams?

      Hottest Teams- May 26
      Team Temperature
      Milwaukee Brewers 109°
      Boston Red Sox 107°
      Arizona Diamondbacks 104°
      St. Louis Cardinals 94°
      Florida Marlins 93°

      The Milwaukee Brewers are currently on a 6-game winning streak and have won 13 of their last 16 games. The Brewers’ hot streak began shortly after the return of ace starter Zack Greinke. The Boston Red Sox, after starting the season 2-10, drastically heated up and are 11-2 in their last 13 games. The Arizona Diamondbacks are the third hottest team and are also 9-1 in their last 10.

      The coldest teams and hitters aren’t yet below the freezing point, but they are getting close.

      Coldest Teams- May 26
      Team Temperature
      Kansas City Royals 38°
      Washington Nationals 40°
      Colorado Rockies 42°
      Minnesota Twins 44°
      Los Angeles Dodgers 49°

      The Kansas City Royals and the Washington Nationonals are both in the middle of a 5 game losing streak. The Royals have lost 10 of their last 12 games and the Nationals have lost 9 of their last 12. Injuries to Ryan Zimmerman and Stephen Strasburg make it more difficult for the Nationals to heat back up.

      And the coldest hitters?

      Coldest Hitters- May 26
      Player, Team Temperature
      Rob Johnson, Sea 38°
      Tony Gwynn, LAD 41°
      Jonny Gomes, Cin 41°
      Dan Uggla, Atl 42°
      Peter Bourjos, LAA 44°

      Measuring in at 38°, Rob Johnson is the coldest hitter. Johnson has only 3 hits in his last 31 at-bats, dropping his batting average to .176. Dan Uggla is the fourth coldest hitter at 42°, and is the only player in the five coldest players who has more than 200 plate appearances.

      For a daily weather report on baseball, check out Bill James Online.

      Used with permission from John Dewan’s Stat of the Week™,

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        John Dewan’s Stat of the Week™

        Does it make sense to “waste” a pitch with an 0-2 count?

        When a pitcher starts a batter off with two consecutive strikes, he’s clearly ahead in the count and has a range of options available. He can take the efficient route, again throwing the pitch in the strike zone and forcing the hitter to take a defensive swing or head back to the bench. Alternatively, he can “waste a pitch”, throwing it out of the strike zone and hoping that the hitter goes after it, either completing the strikeout or managing weak contact for an easy out.

        Which is generally the better strategy?

        We can consult the 24 States Matrix for the answer. The 24 States Matrix tells us how many runs, on average, we can expect a team to score from the current situation until the end of the inning. For example, with nobody on and zero outs, the average team last season scored .49 runs. If the first batter reaches base (now a runner on first with no outs), the “Run Expectancy” moves up to .86, based on the league’s average number of runs scored in those situations. We can credit the first play (whether it was a single, a walk, an error, etc.) for an increase of .86 – .49 = .37 runs.

        We calculated the Run Expectancy change for each 0-2 count in MLB in 2010. Utilizing the 24 States Matrix, we found that a batter falling behind 0-2 knocks off .10 runs from the team’s run expectancy, almost as bad as sending your pitcher up to bat with a 0-0 count.

        As it turns out, pitchers ahead 0-2 threw the next pitch outside the strike zone 72 percent of the time. The average change in Run Expectancy in those at bats remained exactly the same, -.10. On the other hand, if a pitcher challenged the hitter with an 0-2 pitch in the strike zone, the result was ever-so-slightly better for the hitter, at -.09.

        Wasting a Pitch on 0-2
        Location Frequency Average Run Value of the At Bat
        Outside the Strike Zone 72% -.10
        Inside the Strike Zone 28% -.09

        Of course, pitchers handle an 0-2 count against Albert Pujols differently than against Ryan Theriot. But, the numbers indicate that pitchers should keep doing what they’re doing: keep wasting pitches, but throw it in the strike zone every so often just to keep them honest.

        Used with permission from John Dewan’s Stat of the Week™,

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          Guest Post: It’s a Dream, it’s only a dream…

          Here is a guest post submitted by a loyal reader of the Clark-Addison Cubs Fan Blog. The topic is renovation of Wrigley Field and some of the views here I don’t share. But there is plenty here to get the discussion going and maybe even the blood boiling! Your comments can be posted at the conclusion of this post!  Here goes, welcome AJ Grace…

          It’s a Dream, it’s only a dream…

          by: AJ Grace

          Let’s start off by clarifying a long time misnomer. I will only explain the why but not the why not. First of all, we need to clarify that I am a die-heard Cubs fan from way back and there’s no changing it. Go Cubs Go!!! OK-Let’s get to it. The Cubs outdraw the Sox for one reason and one reason only. Let’s sum it by using one simple word. Logistics. Look at it this way. If Wrigley was located at 35th and Shields, and the Cell was located at Clark & Addison, it would be a safe bet that the Sox would out draw the Cubs no matter what quality of team the Sox put on the field. It would also be a safe bet that those same Cubs’ fans would be accusing the now North-Side Sox fans of being no-mind baseball fans that only want to attend these games to drink, party and be merry and truly have little or no interest in the team or in baseball as a whole.

          I just had to get that off my chest but there is another highly important reason for writing this article and it is because I want to address the expansion of Wrigley Field. I have recently heard some new ideas and looked at some renderings and to be perfectly honest, nothing, absolutely nothing has sparked my interest. Look at it this way, we are already living in the 2nd decade of the 21st century and the opportunity is now at hand to turn Wrigley into the perfect dream baseball stadium for the remainder of this century. How?

          So here is what I will do. The remainder of this article I will put on my Tom Ricketts hat and tell ya all what I will do to turn Wrigley Field into the Dream Stadium it should be.

          Let’s make one think perfectly clear. The playing field, the dimensions, the walls, the vines etc, etc, are staying put. There is nothing we want to do to change the sexy ambiance of Wrigley Field.

          The challenge is to create a super Wrigley money machine that will support the quality team our fans expect and at the same time, not to change a single thing cosmetically. As a very young child, I can remember walking up the stairs, from the concession area into the park at what they referred to as the grand stand level back in the day and seeing Wrigley for the very first time. As you find yourself rising out from this gray, black, brown concession area that has a certain odor we all remember and then suddenly, SMACK!!! The sharpness of the kelly green colors jumps out from the field, the walls, the grass and the giant gray/blue scoreboard visible against a perfect bright blue cloudless sky and it all stabs you right between the eyes before you can catch your breath. Unfuckingbelievable!!! Presto… …and another Cubs fan is born. We certainly don’t want to change that for anyone, especially the next generation of Cubs fans.

          So, how do we do this?

          Read the rest of this post »

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            John Dewan’s Stat of the Week™

            How Important is Hitting the Catcher’s Target?

            At Baseball Info Solutions, our video scouts recently began charting the catcher’s target before each pitch. This opens up many new avenues for analysis, but first we should examine the difference between pitches that hit the target and those that don’t.

            Considering all final pitches of each at bat from the 2010 season, we split the sample into two equal-sized groups based on the distance between the catcher’s target and the actual pitch location.

            Pitcher Effectiveness by Distance from Catcher’s Target
              Walk % Strikeout % Batting Average On-base Percentage Slugging Percentage
            Close to Target 5% 19% .258 .292 .388
            Far from Target 11% 18% .256 .345 .419


            When pitchers miss their targets, they do in fact allow a much higher walk rate and on-base percentage and a slightly higher slugging percentage. However, batting average allowed remains roughly the same, and the slugging percentage difference is surprisingly small. It’s important to note that we’re only considering the final pitch of each at bat. Missing the target earlier in the count can impact the rest of the at bat tremendously. As a result, we’re probably underestimating the total effect of missing the catcher’s target.

            Used with permission from John Dewan’s Stat of the Week™,

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              Zonk it is – Keith Moreland gets the gig

              Keith Moreland on WGN Radio

              Keith Moreland on WGN Radio at the Cubs Convention

              The Cubs and WGN Radio have announced former and occasional fill-in Keith Moreland as the new radio analyst, succeeding Ron Santo. In his limited fill-in duty during a few extended Santo absences, Zonk did a nice job.  I think his down home Texas y’all stuff will fade a bit and he will fit in fine once he and Pat Hughes get some games under their belt together.  Moreland is no stranger to broadcasting, having had his first taste as a recurring guest with WGN morning man Bob Collins back during the Cubs 1984 season. Uncle Bobby encouraged Zonk to consider broadcasting options as he seemed pretty comfortable at the mic for a ballplayer. 

              Since 2001, Moreland was part of the University of Texas Longhorns football and baseball broadcasts where he was a color analyst. Now joining the Cubs broadcast team full time, he will no longer work any broadcasts for the Longhorns. 

              Zonk at the Cubs Connvention

              Zonk at the Cubs Connvention

              It is surprising to me this move took so long to be announced. For many weeks now rumors persisted the field was down to Dave Otto and Keith Moreland. But the long the decision took, the more I started to wonder if there were a dark horse candidate lurking. Nothing against Otto, but I really did not care for his analysis or his approach. Far too much lingo – almost to a Milo Hamilton “hit the pay station” extent. Half the time it seemed he would talk himself in circles with analogies and baseball speak. Miraculously, he did all this a bland, un-engaging way. Clearly among the two, Zonk was the no brainer winner. Why did it take so long for WGN and the Cubs to decide? That remains a mystery.

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                  Day Two of 2011 Cubs Convention in Tweets

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Dave Kingman is hangin’ at Kitty O’Shea’s, watching football. #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  It’s melt down time for the kids! Parents, get those kids fed & to bed! #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Carlos Pena is talking World Series. Not a bad thing. #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Koyie Hill still signing autographs, 30mins after his appearance. Good guy. #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Next on Sports Central: new #Cubs Fernando Perez & Carlos Pena #CubsCon @thekapman

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Officiant at Sean Marshall’s wedding was Rev. Ernie Banks #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Up next on Sports Central: Sean Marshall & Koyie Hill #CubsCon @thekapman

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  So good Sports Central is back! Two hosts, no hair. But a great show. #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  SportsCentral @WGNradio about to start w Kap & Memolo + some ’84 #Cubs

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Well know Chicago sports reporter takes a call during #CubsCon biz mgmt session. Tells caller he’s watching Crane Kenney lie to the fans …

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Tepid pizza + 12oz water $8.50 for lunch. Nowhere to sit. Yay @HiltonChicago #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Just passed Keith Moreland in the lobby. He’s a ringer for Van Morrison. #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Lots of love in the room for @LendandBob #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Brenly does his prep by chkng scouting reports and talking to opponents catcher. #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Baseball TV session is packed. SRO. #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Crane Kenney says they conducted a radio analyst interview this morning. #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  ATT has invested $5mil to enhance wireless coverage at Wrigley Field. #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  David Kaplan wants a Jumbotron at Wrigley Field. You can reach him here: @thekapman #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Carl Rice the #Cubs IT guy is in charge of concerts at Wrigley. #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Crane, Heyward, Mike Luffrano, Peter Chase on biz panel. @thekapman hosting

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Theres an army of Cubs ambassador types lurking in sessions. Literally hand taking notes.

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  I wonder if Aramis Ramirez is wearing one of those `this is my 1st #CubsCon‘ stickers?

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Awaiting #Cubs business mgmt session. I have a better seat than Bruce Levine. #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Quade says we love you all, but want to win for us too. #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Signing his fantastic book is @dougglanville in the exhibition hall. Friendly, will chat, will sign, will take pics! #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  $20 donation gets anyone in! 8fifty8: 858 W. Lake St Chicago, 9pm RT @Matt_Shaffer: @ClarkAddison Can anyone go to Z’s party?

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Damn straight. RT @ataccini: “We will never touch the original scoreboard. If we did, we’d all be going into witness protection.” #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  All due respect to Billy, #Cubs should have bronzed Ronnie last year, while he could enjoy the honor. #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Carlos Zambrano “Big Z Foundation” party is on: tonight 9pm-2am at 8fifty8 on Lake St. $20 donation to party w/Z & other players #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  I must have just missed you! RT @IvyEnvy: Gave a 20 donation for HOF’r Gaylord Perry autograph ball #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Buckner, Dave Kingman, Gaylord Perry, Lee Smith & Fergie signing at the Fergie Foundation booth #CubsCon NO WAITING LINE!

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  RT @JulieDiCaro: Tom: #cubs will ramp up charitable work in 2011. Want to be top team in baseball in terms of giving back to the community.

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  RT @WrigleyFielder: A Ron Santo statue will be at Wrigley by Aug 10 game per Tom Ricketts #Cubs #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Some sessions from #CubsCon will be available (audio & video) on the @WGNradio website:

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Biggest issues @HiltonChicago so far: Lousy food choices; fewer sugar pkts in room than coffee cups provided. Overall not bad.

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Just cranked up the Cuisinart in-room coffee maker @HiltonChicago. Lavazza is brewing! Getting ready for day 2 of #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  RT @IvyEnvy: Read our coverage via Twitter of Day 1 of #Cubs Convention. #CubsCon

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison: RT @cashewredneck: Any #Cubs fans wanna give me highlights from Day 1 of #CubsCon?

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Day One of 2011 Cubs Convention in Tweets #Cubs – *new post*

                  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  RT @wood_brothers21: Sunday a special tribute to the late Ron Santo. Watch dLifeTV on CNBC at 7:00 PM ET, 6:00 PM CT, and 4:00 PM PT. #Cubs

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                    Day One of 2011 Cubs Convention in Tweets

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  I bought a couple. RT @CubsInsider: You can get Cubs Charities 50/50 raffle tickets for $5 downstairs #CubsCon

                     ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  ROCKSTARS: RT @ataccini: @JulieDiCaro @aisle424 @danieldschell @adambuckled @tonyafathead @fatheaddesign #CubsCon

                     ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  New meaning to “Let’s Play Two” RT @cubfanMike: certainly not Harwell, he was a true gentleman. No Mr Cub! Banks. Is the perv.

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  RT @MLB: Carlos Zambrano & new #Cubs starter Matt Garza chat at #CubsCon – via @CubsInsider

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Harwell? Borgnine? Tennessee Ernie Ford? RT @cubfanMike: Ernie hit on my wife at Cog Hill. Biggest Cub perv of em all.

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  You would know ; ) RT @AmyFreeze: Agreed. RT @AndyW: #CubsCon bridges the gap between the dreariness of winter & the hope of spring

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Agreed. RT @AndyW: #Cubs Convention bridges the gap between the dreariness of winter & the hope of spring #cubscon

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Santo is everywhere at #CubsCon RT @TheCCO: #Cubs Ron Santo exhibit at 2011 Cubs Convention

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Big crowds for @wgnbriannoonan w/Judd Sirrott at live broadcast of @WGNradio Sports Night. A-list guests help too. #CubsCon

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Ok, Dempster has a good excuse. RT @KikiWrites: In AZ. His wife is apparently due with their 3rd kid soon.

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Surprised the memorabilia bazaar is actually pretty fairly priced. Lots of $10 t-shirts. Game used gear for like $30-100. #CubsCon

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Where the hell is Ryan Dempster?? #CubsCon

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  See? Confident. RT @LoyalCubFan: @ClarkAddison – Moreland hit on my wife, told her she was too young to be a teacher

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Passed on the bingo. RT @azchili56: @ClarkAddison did u win at bingo

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Randy Wells just ushered through the lobby by security to a waiting cab. He signed a few tho. #CubsCon

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Lousy food options at the Hilton. I expected more from them. #CubsCon

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Only guys to be booed during opening ceremonies at #CubsCon were Crane Kenney & Jim Hendry

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Keith Moreland signs autographs like a politician – eye contact, addressees kids by name, very decisive & confident. #CubsCon

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  yeah, seems like it. RT @talkingtocactus: @clarkaddison somewhere else? 😉

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Great video compiled by Bob Vorwald @WGNTV to open #CubsCon – will it be available on web or YouTube?

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Where can a guy get a good steak at @HiltonChicago?? #CubsCon

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  A year late. RT @SethBernstein67: Sounds like Ron Santo may finally get his well-deserved statue this season. #Cubs

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Total bummer. RT @CarrieMuskat: No Greg Maddux at #CubsCon. He had to tend to a family matter at home and did not make it to Chicago

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Lots of people at #CubsCon but well organized. Haven’t had to mess around too much with waiting in line or for an elevator.

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  $30 grab bag for #Cubs Care had handful of giveaways from last season, a 2010 Media Guide and an autographed pic of Sean Marshall #CubsCon

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  He looked happy. RT @BleedCubBlue08: Sun-Times’ Wittenmyer: Cubs agree with C Soto on one-year, $3M deal, avoiding arbitration

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  I’d say biggest group of fans in the crowd at #CubsCon are 12yr old boys. And I feel like one of them!

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  BIggest cheers during opening ceremonies for Kerry Wood, Marlon Byrd, Ernie Banks, & Carlos Zambrano #CubsCon

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Raffling of Ryan Theriot jerseys for Cubs Care #cubsCon

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Shortest autograph lines for Tim Stoddard & Dave Otto #CubsCon

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  In the @HiltonChicago Grand Ballroom awaiting #CubsCon opening ceremony

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  RT @WGNTV: RT @LenandBob: Time to kick off Cubs Convention today! @wGNTV seminar tomorrow at 2pm. #Cubs

                    ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Welcome to the Hilton Chicago #Cubs – *new post*

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