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Why the Cubs can’t sell beer at Wrigley this year

…because they lost the opener. Ok, that was bad. Somehow we have to find a way to soothe the sting of losing such a tough game – at home – to the rival Brewers. And somehow, Big Z has to figure out where the water cooler is in the dugout!  

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Ernie Banks gets his statue

Today in pre-game ceremonies outside Wrigley, the new Ernie Banks statue was unveiled to crowd of fans and noteables. Ernie was joined by Hank Aaron, Minnie Minoso, Billy Williams, Fergie Jenkins, Ron Santo, and an array of politicos. Aaron was most engaging in relating stories of how he would look forward to playing in Wrigley […]

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Play Ball! (weather permitting)

The ’08 season starts for real today for the Chicago Cubs, weather permitting. Virtually every baseball pundit is predicting the Cubs to win the NL Central Division. Many of them further choose the Cubs to win the NL Pennant, putting the beloved Cubbies in the World Series for the first time in 53 years.  Few, though, […]

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Soriano takes the Fifth

I liked Lou’s flip-flop of Soraino and Fukudome yesterday in the final preseason game for the Cubs. We don’t have a legit leadoff man, but Fukudome second, followed by Lee, Ramirez, Soriano makes a mighty powerful middle of the order. Here is what I would write on the 2008 opening day Cubs lineup card: Ryan […]

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66 degrees predicted at Wrigley!

Tom Skilling says to expect a high of 66 for Opening Day: “Chilly early. Rain/t-storms diminishing by afternoon. Turning much warmer with strong south winds. Southern sections reach the 70s.” Thats better than 34 degrees and flurries – seemingly the usual Wrigley Opening Day weather…

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Tickets for Opening Day

Welcome to our new sponsor, Stub Hub Tickets!  If you’re not familiar, this is the leading site for the buying and selling of tickets to most events – including Cubs Baseball.  They currently have tickets available to see the Cubs vs Brewers @ Wrigley on Opening Day Monday March 31.  Check it out

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Reed Johnson?

Cubs signed OF Reed Johnson 2 days after being released by the Toronto Blue Jays.  Apparently the guy brings a stick, with his .281 lifetime average, but he’s not exactly a “name” acquistion.  Actually most of that batting average came from his 2006 season where in 134 games he hit .319 with 12 HRs. I […]

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Lou’s initial lineup

Lou Pinella announced the lineup & rotation he will start the season with.  Unlike Dusty Baker, I would expect Lou to try and keep things pretty consistent until the need for change becomes obvious. Here’s what Lou put forth today… Lineup SS Ryan Theriot LF Alfonso Soriano 1B Derrek Lee 3B Aramis Ramirez RF Kosuke […]

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Good Wood

There was a lot of buzz about Kerry Wood having a stiff back last week. Seems like the media was suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome in their cries of “here we go again” with Kerry Wood.  In reality, Woody pitched 1 inning in relief on Saturday against the White Sox (1ip, 2Ks, no hits […]

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Whats up with Rich Hill?

Yeah I know it’s only spring training, but he has not looked sharp at all so for in Arizona.  Curve balls don’t bite in AZ like they do when the team will come North, but really the guy can’t find the strike zone and it worries me.

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