Good Wood

There was a lot of buzz about Kerry Wood having a stiff back last week. Seems like the media was suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome in their cries of “here we go again” with Kerry Wood. 

In reality, Woody pitched 1 inning in relief on Saturday against the White Sox (1ip, 2Ks, no hits or walks), then the following day against the Royals (1ip, 2Ks, 1hit, no walks) and looked dominating in both appearances.  So much for the naysayers in Cubland. In fact, Kerry Wood is yet to give up his first walk of the 2008 Spring Training Cactus league season!  I’ll take him over Ryan Dempster or Bobby Howry as closer any day.  Now Carlos Marmol is another story.  No doubt he will get some saves this year too.  But the veteran Wood has the intimidation factor on his side and likely the mental resilience to be the closer. Marmol will get his shot, but if it comes in 2008, something will have gone terribly wrong with the Cubs season.

Kerry Wood delivers

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    March 24, 2008   Posted in: observations

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