Lou’s initial lineup

Lou Pinella announced the lineup & rotation he will start the season with.  Unlike Dusty Baker, I would expect Lou to try and keep things pretty consistent until the need for change becomes obvious. Here’s what Lou put forth today…


  1. SS Ryan Theriot
  2. LF Alfonso Soriano
  3. 1B Derrek Lee
  4. 3B Aramis Ramirez
  5. RF Kosuke Fukudome
  6. 2B Mark DeRosa
  7. C Geovany Soto
  8. CF Felix Pie
  9. P (pitcher)


  1. Carlos Zambrano (R)
  2. Ted Lilly (L)
  3. Ryan Dempster (R)
  4. Rich Hill (L)
  5. Jason Marquis (R)


  • Kerry Wood – closer
  • Bobby Howry
  • Carlos Marmol
  • Jon Leiber
  • Kevin Hart
  • Michael Wuertz
  • Sean Marshall
  • Scott Eyre

Personally, I would rather see this lineup:

  1. Theriot
  2. Fukudome
  3. Lee
  4. Ramirez
  5. Soriano
  6. Soto
  7. Pie
  8. DeRosa
  9. (pitcher)

Soriano stikes out too much for the 2 hole. I’d rather see a high OBP guy like Fukudome batting 2nd, with Soriano 5th where more of a free swinger belongs. Theriot is not the ideal lead off guy but likely the best of this crew.  Soto – if he improves on his impressive rookie year – can offer some protection for Soriano. I guess Lou is sensitive to taking pressure off of Pie & Fukudome, but to me they would be out of position.

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