Ernie Banks gets his statue

Today in pre-game ceremonies outside Wrigley, the new Ernie Banks statue was unveiled to crowd of fans and noteables. Ernie was joined by Hank Aaron, Minnie Minoso, Billy Williams, Fergie Jenkins, Ron Santo, and an array of politicos. Aaron was most engaging in relating stories of how he would look forward to playing in Wrigley to take advantage of the wind blowing out (and likely some soft Cubs pitching), and how Ernie always wore a heavy shirt in the warm weather.  Aaron questioned Ernie on this one day and his reply was that wearing a heavy shirt made the body cooler.  Hammerin’ Hank thanked Banks for that advice, calling it the “gospel truth”. 

There was an interesting claim made by Crane Kenney in his introductions that may make some headlines. He said there was a game (he gave the exact date) in the early 60’s when Cubs manager Whitey Lockman was ejected from a game, leaving Ernie Banks as the manager for the day.  Kenney claimed Ernie as the first African-American manager in the Major Leagues, pre-dating Frank Robinson by two years!

For a team who has played 133 Major League seasons and the only statue was of a broadcaster, its long time coming to immortalize one of their players: Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks. 

Ernie Banks in his prime   Ernie Banks unveils hos new statue 03/31/2008


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    March 31, 2008   Posted in: observations

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    1. Gregg - March 31, 2008

      I’m guessing that Crane Kenney just mis-spoke. Obviously Lockman was manager for the Cubs in the early 70’s and Banks was a bench coach. Me thinks that Kenney said 60’s when he meant to say 70’s.

      That is all.

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