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10k Victory Flag Flies over Wrigley

Photo of the day: 10,000 Victory Flag. Taken 4/29/2008 Wrigley Field, Home of the Chicago Cubs…

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Do 2 curses cancel each other out?

Ok, so the Sam Sianis Goat Curse is well documented in Cubs lore.  But there is another well accepted curse in sports – the Sports Illustrated Cover Curse.  Now with Kosuke Fukudome cover story in the new Sports Illustrated, I must ask: Do two curses cancel each other out?  The definitive answer comes in October… […]

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All the Lee Elia hubub

Its 25 years since one of the greatest tirades in Chicago sports.  Lee Elia is everywhere this week. You can audio of his rave almost anywhere including at  But I liked this, a PDF of the original article in the Trib from 1983: Lee Elia will be at Wrigley tomorrow night but reportedly […]

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NY Met can’t take a jab

Saw this video posted on a Mets fan blog “The ‘Ropolitans”: There is a video of Joe Smith (who?) verbally assaulting fans at Wrigley during batting practice. The audio suggests to me that he really wasn’t being ridden pretty hard and keeps turning back looking for more. Is this how a pro athelete should comport […]

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Swimsuit model throws great First Pitch at Wrigley

I stumbled across this blog posting with a video of swimsuit model Marissa Miller throwing out a ceremonial first pitch at Wrigley.  She definately threw a high-hard-one…

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Fukudome Jersey #1 – in sales too!

Fukudome fever is growing with each game.  Word is Sports Illustrated, the NY Times, and Washington post have assigned writers to profile the Cubs mysterious rookie outfielder. Now it seems its not just his uniform number is number one – he is also leading sales of Cubs replica jereseys too!  People not only want to […]

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Solid Wood

Thinking of the short list of PTGHEY (Pitchers That Get Hurt Every Year), who’da thunk Kerry Wood would be rolling right along in the closer role on the Northside. Mike Hampton, Ben Sheets, Jason Schmidt, Randy Johnson, El Duque, and of course Mark Prior are all out of commission. But Kerry Wood seems fine – […]

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I’ve been a Cub fan for many years and remember the mid-70’s teams pretty well.  I recall the ’77 Cubs held first place from May 28 through August 9th, then faded into oblivion.  I remember the Whitey Lockmans, Herman Franks’, Jim Marshalls, Davey Rosellos, Ray Burris’, George “the Baron” Mitterwalds…but what I don’t remember is […]

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Numbers Game

Aramis Ramirez has reached base in all 20 games so far this season, including 13 walks (gasp!). His carrer high for walks is 50 – for an entire season. Kosuke Fukudome leads the league in # of pitches seen per at bat with 4.72. He is batting .357 with an on-base of .477. His style […]

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Counting on the Whole Team

For the Cubs to make a serious run at anything serious this season (forget any talk of October baseball in April), the entire team is to be counted on. Its a very good sign there has been so many big hits by so many different players so far in this young season. Yesterday was Ronnie Cedeno, on […]

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