Counting on the Whole Team

For the Cubs to make a serious run at anything serious this season (forget any talk of October baseball in April), the entire team is to be counted on. Its a very good sign there has been so many big hits by so many different players so far in this young season. Yesterday was Ronnie Cedeno, on Monday Felix Pie, and before that we’ve seen Fontenot, Fukudome, Theriot, Reed Johnson, Geo Soto, DeRosa…all in addition to the great start of Derrek Lee and now Aramis Ramirez is coming around.  Only the highest-paid player, Alfonso Soriano has been missing from the highlight reel. But his day will come soon enough.  Meantime, the team is off to a 14-6 start, their best in more than 30 seasons!

The pitching has really been a strength too. After slow starts from Rich Hill, Bobby Howry & Ted Lilly, they are all showing signs of coming out of their fog.  Marmol & Wood have been outstanding. Marquis is being Marquis, ya just can’t count on him, but he can surprise you on occasion.

Consider this: Carlos Zambrano is historically a slow starter. April is always a terrible month for him but he still manages to close a season with strong numbers.  Now this year, he is suddenly not walking people, and generally performing at what is usually his month of May level.  As a rule, when the weather warms, so does Big-Z.  His 2008 numbers could be filthy good if he can just be himself for an entire season.  Meanwhile, Ryan Dempster continues to shine – I was a huge critic of his going into the season so I’m happily eating some crow now. The guy has been flat-out good so far. 

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    April 23, 2008   Posted in: observations

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    1. Tom Brenneman - April 23, 2008

      Take a breath Cubs fans. In 1975 the infamous Cubbies were 25 games over .500 at the break and ended up 12 games below in the end. Who won the penant/World Series that year anywho?

      What about the glaring weaknesses? Soriano’s middle name should be “DL” and when healthy enough to play is a distraction. Swings at everything, turns routine flyballs into a Disney adventure and is the opposite of what a leadoff man needs to be. Marque is done come July and Woods lacks the passion for the game to be a consistant and successful closer for a Championship team. Pie is in another development year and the team can’t afford to develop players when trying to win now. Dempster, last year’s closer, is vaulted into the starting rotation and even though he has had some success so far, the season is long and he will struggle. Zambrano has promised to be a pitcher this season instead of a thrower but if you believe he has a grip on his rant and rave temper, I’ve got a car I want to sell you. Pinella is old school and remember fans, you could have had Girardi but went with the fat guy. Watch players Soto, Hart, Marmol to soften your fall in September when you say “There’s always next year”. In this case, “There’s always next millennium” Keep a stiff upper lip and hang in there. I’m rooten for ya!

      PS. Don’t get your boxers in a knot but I know Ichero and Fukudome is no Ichero.

    2. ronnie cedeno - May 13, 2008

      […] April, the entire team is to be counted on. Its a very good sign there has been so many big hits by PRESSWIRE :: Ronnie CedenoDisplay Settings. Page Size 40. ronnie cedeno 20 items. Showing items 1 […]

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