I’ve been a Cub fan for many years and remember the mid-70’s teams pretty well.  I recall the ’77 Cubs held first place from May 28 through August 9th, then faded into oblivion.  I remember the Whitey Lockmans, Herman Franks’, Jim Marshalls, Davey Rosellos, Ray Burris’, George “the Baron” Mitterwalds…but what I don’t remember is the ’75 club getting off to a start comparable to the 2008 Cubs.  I want to say Bill Madlock was co-MVP of the All-Star game, sharing the honor with Jon Matlak of the (hated-) Mets.  But as I recall, the ’75 team was as pathethic as the ’74 team and ’76 team.  I think they all finished well under .500.  It was the ’77 Cubs that actually broke even at 81-81 after holding first place all summer.  But lots of talk now about that magical season of 1975??? 

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    April 24, 2008   Posted in: oldschool

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