NY Met can’t take a jab

Saw this video posted on a Mets fan blog “The ‘Ropolitans”:


There is a video of Joe Smith (who?) verbally assaulting fans at Wrigley during batting practice. The audio suggests to me that he really wasn’t being ridden pretty hard and keeps turning back looking for more. Is this how a pro athelete should comport himself in public?  Oh yeah, he’s a Met…makes sense now.

Why was I on a Mets fan blog in the first place?  Because someone posted a comment here linking back, and I always screen comments to weed out inappropriate comments, spam, and phishing schemes.  You’re welcome.

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    April 26, 2008   Posted in: observations

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    1. ds - April 4, 2009

      Don’t worry Cubbie fan , you’ll be out of the pennent race by June once again.

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