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Watching the Cubs gel into a special team

Game after game we are seeing this team grow into a force to be reckoned with. They are learning as a group how to win; that winning is possible every game. This team is maturing before our very eyes, and the sum is becoming greater than its parts. Today for example, Lou sits Aramis Ramirez. […]

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A Team Invincible

It sure looked over early. Ted Lilly was tagged with 7 runs on 8 hits in just 3 innings work. The Cubs were down 9-1 in the sixth today and seemed to finally be showing a let down from a series of dramatic, emotional home victories. … Then the fireworks began and the Cubs went […]

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More on Jimmy Edmonds

I’ve been bothered all day thinking about Jim Edmonds puny .125 batting average in a Cub uniform. First of all, I don’t want to like the guy due to his prominence as a Cardinal. But with the 3 for 24 start to his Cubs career, its felt quite natural be negative in regard to him. […]

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Life After Edmonds

Jim Edmonds time in Cubbie pinstripes could be coming to a close sooner rather than later. He is batting just .125, going 3 for 24 (all singles) since joining the Cubs. The boos are getting louder and louder for him and it figures Lou is making plans now for Life After Edmonds. In yesterday’s pre-game, […]

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Is Soriano morphing into Sammy Sosa?

As Steve Stone likes to point out, we better get used to the circus that is Alfonso Soriano because like it or not, we have him for the next 8 years. Channeling Brant Brown yesterday, Soriano dropped the third out in the 9th that would have given the Cubs victory over the hapless Pirates. Instead, […]

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Vote Early and Often

If you haven’t already or want to vote again, the All Star Game Voting has begun!  It should be a priority for all Cubs fans to vote for the very best lineup possible to assure the NL team wins to benefit the World Series schedule.  The Cubs presence in the World Series is of course not […]

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Lou Piniella Widget

Aquafina has created a Lou Piniella “bobblehead” Widget that will feature a Lou-ism as a daily affirmation.  Kinda silly if you ask me. But you can get the Widget for yourself at:

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A cup of coffee for Micah Hoffpauir

Making his major league debut pinch hitting on Sunday, Micah Hoffpauir was literally shaking in his shoes. In an interview following the game, he said he was trying hard to stop his back foot from shaking in the batters box. He struck out in this at bat, then drew a walk pinch hitting Tuesday in […]

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Tommy on Piazza

Mike Piazza retired this week after a 16 year big league career that will likely give him Cooperstown consideration. Tommy Lasorda writes a blog for MLB and posted the story of Piazza’s rise to the big leagues. It shows in part how beneficial it can be to have a guy in Lasorda’s position on your […]

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#1 hot – 3,4,5 not

Alfonso Soriano’s recent tear is well documented; he’s 24 for 50 (.480 BA) over the past 2 weeks, with 7 HRs, 5 doubles, 16 RBIs, and a .491 on-base pct.  He has clearly been carrying a Cubs team that went 8-2 on the homestand, one of the best in years. The middle of the order, however, […]

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