Is Chad Fox the best we can do?

I like a good story as much as anyone. But Chad Fox has been out of baseball for two years – maybe there is a good reason for that? As I recall, he wasn’t much of a player when he was young & healthy so why would there be any reason to believe at age 37 -after a 2 year layoff due to injury – he would be the kind of player you’d want on a team trying to win a championship? He has just 10 wins in 9 seasons and 6 career saves.

I’m not against a good story, or older guys contributing, but Chad Fox?? I just hope they have him on a very short leash. Last night cannot happen – not to teams like the Cardinals. Especially on the heels of losing to the Brewers in the 9th on Thursday.

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    May 3, 2008   Posted in: observations

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