3 bombs for Votto and no plunking?

holyschmidt.jpgAs a youth 32 years ago, I sat in Wrigley and watched Mike Schmidt blast four home runs in a game. It was Cubs vs Phillies April 17, 1976 and the Cubs lost 18-16 in a crazy wild game. Perhaps as rare as Schmidt’s 4 home runs was a mid-70’s Cubs team knocking lefty Cub-killer Steve Carlton out in the second inning with a 7-spot on the board. That guy owned the Cubs, as did Schmidt and Luzinski. On this day though it wasn’t a blow-out score although the wind was obviously blowing out of Wrigley. Check out the box score at Baseball Almanac.

votto.jpgToday, Reds first baseman Joey (who?) Votto blasted 3 home runs in his first three at-bats. So I wonder, with oldschool Lou Piniella calling the shots, why he wasn’t drilled his fourth time up? I mean, Schmidt wasn’t during that game in ’76, but that might have spoken more to the personality of the PK Wrigley owned, Jim Marshall managed happless Cubbies than out of respect for the opponent. I mean, shouldn’t a guy who hits 3 homers in a game expect to get plunked his next time up?  The Drysdales or Gibsons wouldn’t let it get that far, they’d drill you after one homer. So in 2008, isn’t it acceptable to at least throw close enough to knock a guy down after 3 homers?  I sure hope so – thats a part of major league baseball if you ask me.

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    May 7, 2008   Posted in: oldschool

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