Time to slice Pie to AAA

With lefty Scott Eyre due to come off the DL tomorrow, someone will have to leave to make room. The team has been hugely patient with Felix Pie but maybe its best to let him go down for some work on the farm that is out of the spotlight of the big league club.  

There is no denying the guy catches everything hit in his area code – including a would be homer by Ken Griffey on Monday. But in 60 at-bats this year he has 22 K’s which cannot be tolerated. Like “Willy Mays Hayes” in the movie Major League, he should be pounding the ball in the dirt and running his way on base if he can’t hit a line drive.  He’s got a touch of Corey Patterson disease with his huge swing which for both guys is almost a comical approach to the plate considering their speed. 

Felix Pie preparing to strike out

Felix could be a very solid player, but until he learns how to make some contact at the plate and hit the cutoff man after his great fielding plays, I think we should show him some mercy and let him ripen a bit more down on the farm.

Its time to show him some mercy and send him down for seasoning.  Ronny Cedeno has been taking fylballs in center again (he worked on CF in spring training) and has certainly earned more playing time with his bat this seaon. So lets see some mix of Cedeno & Reed Johnson in center while Pie works on a few things in Iowa. That said, I’m not exactly looking forward to getting Scott Eyre back either…

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    May 9, 2008   Posted in: roster

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    1. Gregg - May 9, 2008

      I agree with you. Think about how ineffective Pie is when he’s NOT playing. In a close game/late inning situation, would you want Pie coming off the bench as a pinch-hitter? It’s not saying much for your offensive skills when pitchers like Zambrano & Marquis swing a better stick than a position player. So the Cubs basically have one less bat on the bench for those situations. I’d love to see him shorten his swing, and also try to bunt to get on base. With his speed I’m sure he could leg a few out. It would also change the position of the defense. With a first and third baseman playing in, a sharply hit grounder could get past those guys. It’s frustrating.

      Not exactly looking forward to getting Eyre back either. But to Eyre is human, to forgive divine.

    2. admin - May 9, 2008

      Thats awesome: “Eyre is human, to forgive devine.” Excellent!

      What did Lou call him last year? Was it “Stevie Aye-er”??

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