Edmonds to Cubs like Bulls signing Rodman

Jim Edmonds has been a hated enemy for years as the show-boating Cub-killing center fielder on the St Louis Cardinals. He plays shallow or deep just so he can run back or run in and turn a routine catch (if he were in position) into a spectacular looking diving catch.  That technique served him well in getting 4 Gold Gloves. 

His bat is streaky but always seems to come alive against the Cubs. He has 32 home runs and a .554 slugging pct in 415 career at-bats against the Cubs.  That said, two things come to mind. 1) He won’t be facing Cubs pitching any more 2) His numbers have been in steady decline since 2004. The Cards gave up on him during the off-season and now the Padres bail on him just 6 weeks into this year.

So the question is, can he be a role player for the Cubs?  If Piniella & Hendry see him as a platoon player with either Pie or Reed Johnson, then, well, I guess that would be ok. But the feeling I have in my gut is the same as when the Bulls signed Dennis Rodman from their hated rival. Granted he will likely have had a much bigger impact on the Bulls than Edmonds would on the Cubs at this point in his career.  But still, its hard to shift gears and try to appreciate such a reviled figure in Cubs-Cards rivalry.  We’ll see if he clears waivers and Hendry comes to terms with him.  Seemed to have been a good move in bringing in Reed Johnson….

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    May 13, 2008   Posted in: Hot Stove

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