Edmonds will need to earn his (pin-)stripes

Well, it’s official – for better or worse.

I can appreciate its a low risk move from an organizational standpoint. Of the $8,000,000 he makes this season, St Louis is paying 2mil, and San Diego is paying 6mil, so the Cubs only have to pony up about 2/3 (prorated) of the league minumum for about $270,000.  Thats tip money – understood. And we didn’t have to give up any players to get him.  Fine.

Now the work begins. Not only is Edmonds trying to revive his career but he’s playing for his baseball life. This can be a strong motivator for a guy.  I’m sure whatever he’s got left, he will leave on the field. As a spot player, he is likely an upgrade over the Pie-Johnson combo in CF so far this year. If not, he will find himself unceremoniously cut without a second thought. So in a way, if he is on the team he is likely contributing. No problem.

But the real work is for Cub fans to find a way to accept him. For me, he was the face of the Cardinals for most of this century. I mean, Albert Pujols you just have to tip your cap to and say he’s a helluva player. But Jim Edmonds played a different role for them. I think Edmonds will have to really earn his (pin-)stripes as a Cub to be welcomed. And if the Cubs can actually win this year, some extra zing will come from Cardinal fans seeing “the greatest center fielder in Cardinals history” drinking champagne in the home clubhouse at Wrigley in October.

He’ll likely be in the starting lineup today. I hope Zambrano doesn’t drill him in the ear during pre-game warmups.

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    May 15, 2008   Posted in: roster

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