Vegas MLB Home Run odds for 2008

In Vegas last February I saw the Venetian sports book was offering an intriguing ‘prop’ bet. A prop bet is a proposition bet not directly about wins and losses in sports, but often something more obscure or interesting. In this case, they offered odds on who would hit the most home runs in the 2008 regular season. They listed 50 of the top power hitting guys in the majors and what the odds for each were to be the home run champ. Here’s that list:


The final entry says FIELD, which basically means a major leaguer who is not on that list would hit the most home runs. Having a hard time deciding who to take, I chose to put a couple bucks on the FIELD. So far so good with the likes of Chase Utley, Josh Hamilton, Carlos Quentin, and maybe …Geovany Soto??

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    May 18, 2008   Posted in: observations

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