A cup of coffee for Micah Hoffpauir

Making his major league debut pinch hitting on Sunday, Micah Hoffpauir was literally shaking in his shoes. In an interview following the game, he said he was trying hard to stop his back foot from shaking in the batters box. He struck out in this at bat, then drew a walk pinch hitting Tuesday in Houston. Wednesday was his first start and he went 2 for 4 with both hits being doubles. The guy had a great spring and could be among the rarest of the rare for the Cubs: a home-grown position player with the ability to be an everyday starter. 

Its still very early to tell, but Hoffpauir has shown signs of being able to drive the ball. Seems like the Cubs farm system can produce a lot of prospects and getting them to the big leagues is not a problem. They often arrive with a lot of hype, then sort of fizzle out. Maybe this happens with most clubs, but it just seems rare to me to have a non-pitcher come up and deliver right away. 

I wouldn’t anticipate him being with the big club for very long right now. Since he really doesn’t have a place to play I guess the brass wanted to give him a taste of the bigs, give D Lee a day off, and maybe come off the bench a few times before they send him back down. Then if there is an injury to a corner outfielder or first base, Hoffpauir will be better prepared to step up and give Hendry an option other than Matty Murton.

For now, Micah, enjoy the big leagues but don’t get too comfortable. You’re only here for a cup of coffee…

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    May 22, 2008   Posted in: lineup, players, roster

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    1. aj - May 23, 2008

      Once considered barren, the Cubs’ farm system is starting to produce usable talent. Hoffpauir becomes the 14th homegrown Cub this season.
      Theriot, Fonteneau, Cedeno, Wood, Marmol, Soto, Marshal, Hill, Pie, Gallagher, Zambrano, Auertz, Patterson, Hoffpauir

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