Is Soriano morphing into Sammy Sosa?

As Steve Stone likes to point out, we better get used to the circus that is Alfonso Soriano because like it or not, we have him for the next 8 years.

Channeling Brant Brown yesterday, Soriano dropped the third out in the 9th that would have given the Cubs victory over the hapless Pirates. Instead, he failed to squeeze the glove when the ball got there – something I’m teaching my 5 year old boy to do. Seems like Alfonso has been reading the Sammy Sosa playbook since coming to Chicago.

  • Lesson one: the fans dig the long ball;
  • Lesson two: admire the HR from the moment of contact, then jog it out for maximum impact;
  • Lesson three: hustle is optional, except on a national broadcast;
  • Lesson four: making routine plays is fine if you have to, just don’t let your eyes make contact with the sun in case it may lead to retinal damage that could affect your power stroke (see Lesson one).

When Soriano brings the big stick, it’s all kisses and smiles.  But when he muffs the most routine of plays in the field, or gets picked off base, or blows a tire doing a “signature hop”, it’s Sammy time all over again.

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    May 26, 2008   Posted in: observations, players

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