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I’ve been bothered all day thinking about Jim Edmonds puny .125 batting average in a Cub uniform. First of all, I don’t want to like the guy due to his prominence as a Cardinal. But with the 3 for 24 start to his Cubs career, its felt quite natural be negative in regard to him.

It occurred to me today though, that Jim Edmonds was cut by the Padres for hitting just .178 and as a Cub his average has actually gone down! So I did some poking around and found this to be true:

  • Sammy Sosa hit more than a hundred points higher (and with 21 homers) last year and is out of baseball this year. He couldn’t find a taker for that meager production.
  • Edmonds was cut by the Cardinals and Padres. Each of those teams are paying him millions this year for him to stink it up on the Cubs – and wasting a roster spot.  Pretty clever of them, no?
  • Frank Thomas was cut by the Blue Jays for hitting just .167, which is 40 points higher than Edmonds’ Cubs average. (Of course now he’s hitting .319, with a .417 on-base & .516 slugging for the A’s.)
  • Mark McGwire retired after hitting just .187 – 60 points higher than Jim Edmonds Cubs average.

So is Edmonds done, or what??  The numbers say so. The Cards say so. The Padres say so.  *I* say so… I predict Mr Jim Hendry will say so too – within a week or so…

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    May 28, 2008   Posted in: observations, players, roster, stats

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    1. Gregg - May 28, 2008

      Someone told me that they had read a recent interview with Pie, and Pie basically said that his “confidence was shot.” Can you blame him? Even with all his offensive struggles, I think that Pie would give you a better than a 3 for 24. I think it’s time to lance the boil on this experiment. While Edmonds still seems to give you a better than average glove in center, the ‘lightning in a bottle’ theory of his bat getting suddenly hot seems to have fallen flat…very flat. While Reed Johnson isn’t going to set the world on fire as a center-fielder, he isn’t going to kill you either. I’d like to see Pie in there as a late-inning defensive replacement (still giving him a at bat or two), and also having the occasional spot start. Lou has seemed to manage the Theriot/DeRosa/Cendeno mix pretty well. Starts…pinch-running…pinch-hitting, etc. I’d like to see that with Pie & Johnson. It’s still early enough in the season that the Edmonds experiment won’t come back to haunt you. I’d much rather see a kid learning the ropes of the bigs, than a guy who is obviously past his prime.

    2. ClarkAddison - May 29, 2008

      Yeah, I’d rather see a mix & match with Pie in the mix rather than Edmonds too! They both bring the leather, and Pie for all his struggles is still a bigger batting threat than Edmonds is at this point. Why the hell not …or maybe move Fukudome to CF and see what Hofpauir’s got in Right?

      That’s whats great about the ’08 Cubbie roster, lots of options to mix & match. You can put DeRosa in RF, with Fukudome in CF. Or how about Ronny Cedeno in CF?

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