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Last chance to vote for All Stars

It’s Sunday morning. Grab yourself a nice cup of coffee and click here to vote for the best possible NL All Star lineup.  And do it 25 times (that’s legal). Just a few days left to vote so do not delay… As Cubs fans, we should all be very concerned about fielding the best possible […]

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Missed Opportunities

In their past 5 games, the Cubs have left 34 runners on base, leading to losing 4 of those last 5 games. In the game they won, the stranded 4 base runners; in the losses they stranded 30.  A team can’t leave that many runners on base and expect to win very many games. After […]

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Further reason to not get too giggly

The Cubs were 25 games over .500 on June 28, 1977.  In an all too familiar late season collapse, the ’77 Cubs finished at .500 (81-81), in sole possession of 4th place, 20 games back of the Phillies.  They spent 62 days in first place and simply wilted down the stretch, going 20-38 in August & September.  […]

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John Dewan’s Stat of the Week™

Is it harder to steal on lefties? June 27, 2008 If you ask my son Jason, it’s not just harder, it’s impossible. I coached my son in little league throughout his grammar school years, eight years in all. I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. Here’s my favorite story: Jason was about 11 years old. […]

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Wear your Cubs colors at the ‘Cell this weekend!

Ok Cubs fans; we swept the White Sox in dramatic and emphatic fashion last weekend.  Now let’s get to the ‘Cell and wear our Cubbie-best to show our support in enemy territory!  If you don’t have tickets yet, go to Stub Hub and get yourself a pair! Then pull your favorite Cubs jersey, shirt, or […]

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Joe Morgan is a putz

On the national broadcast of Sunday night’s Cubs-Sox game on ESPN, Joe Morgan did it again. It’s well discussed that he frequently makes inaccurate statements, passed off as historical truth or informed analysis, but I doubt most of them are intentional, they are simply mistakes. I know, I know, Harry Caray often called the wrong player’s name […]

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Ozzie Gets it Right

“They kick our butt.” – Ozzie Guillen, field manager of the Chicago White Sox following a series sweep by the Cubs 6/22/2008.

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Let’s not get too giggly

The Cubs win today in dramatic fashion over the Sox with an Aramis Ramirez walk-off homer.  This is a great win, in spite of a tired team that arrived back in Chicago from Florida after getting swept by the Rays at 1am, just 12 hours before the scheduled first pitch. My feeling is the electric atmosphere […]

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Shed no tears over Big-Z

With the diagnosis today of Carlos Zambrano having a minor strain of the shoulder, Cubs fans can breathe a sigh of relief. No torn labrums, no Tommy John, no rotator cuff…probably just some rest and some strength building exercises for Big Z. Here is a comment from read Gregg, followed by my reply: From Gregg: […]

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11 out of 13 ain’t bad

With today’s spectacular win over the dreaded White Sox, the Cubs have impressively won 11 of the last 13 series-opening games.  That’s an incredible stat, not unlike a pitcher getting strike one with the first pitch to a hitter. Winning the opening game of a series puts the opposing team on the defensive and slides […]

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