Look who’s in the rear view mirror

Granted, “object may appear closer than they are”, but with all the raving success the Cubs have seen lately, let’s not forget who is right on our heels.  The St. Louis Cardinals are just 2.5 games back, quietly pacing the Major League leading Cubs, keeping them just within arms reach. Logic dictates the Northsiders won’t keep up this torrid place forever but any letup could make the race pretty interesting before too long. Like them or not (NOT), the LaRussa Cards always seem to find a way to be competitive.

Enjoy the ride Cubs fans, but remember its a long season, and no one is running away with anything at this point. That said, if Jimmy Edmonds wants to make his bones as a Cub, he’s got to do it against the Cardinals.  We’ll see if he gets the opportunity, and if he does, how he responds.  Me? I’d love to OWN the Cards this year – or any year!


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    June 2, 2008   Posted in: observations

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