Vote with your head, not with your heart

With all this presidential election news whirling around, I am reminded of the significance of this years All Star Game. The Cubs are showing their desire to win the Central Division which could, in-turn, lead to <gasp> an NL Pennant and ultimately World Championship.  Ok, I’m extrapolating a lot here, but the point is this year’s All Star Game, more than any in memory, could actually affect the Cubs chances at making it to the Promised Land.

I invite all Cubs fans – no, I beg all Cubs fans – take the All Star Balloting process seriously like you never have before and elect those players who give the National League the best chance to win.  This could give the Cubs an October advantage with Home (Wrigley) Field!  Please: Vote with your head, not with your heart:  VOTE NOW

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    June 3, 2008   Posted in: All Star Game

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