Rumors, deals, possibilities to consider

I’m not ready to lighten up on Jim Edmonds. Sure, he came through big in 3 games two weeks ago, putting about 140 points on his season batting average. But 3 good games does not a season make. With the Cubs legitimately in position to contend this year it seems worth while to start thinking about adding on before the July 31 trade (non-waiver) deadline.

I’ve heard Steve Stone theorize about CC Sabathia, the hefty lefty from Cleveland becoming available as the Indians season continues to slip away from them.  There would be a price to pay, but acquiring the likes of “CC Rider” would be the kind of a move a team looking to win it all NOW would make. He would be a rent-a-player as his contract is up at years end and he has already turned down a long term offer from Cleveland averaging 18mil per year. With Stoney talking about this deal, sure seems like a possibility (gasp!).

I saw something a day or two ago that another lefty starter, Eric Bedard from Seattle might become available.  This seems kind of a long shot to me as Seattle paid a big price to bring in Bedard from the Orioles this past off season. I just don’t see them giving him up. He’s a talented lefty starter and those are hard to come by.  Even if he were available, I think the price would likely be too high.

When the Padres were in town it seems there was some talk of how Greg Maddux might be willing to agree to a trade deadline deal bringing him to the Northside for a third time. I don’t know about this one; whether its right for the club from a baseball perspective or not.  Fans would love it, but is he the kind of guy that a team looking to win NOW would want to acquire?  I think if Hendry deals for Maddux in July the Cubs are in very sorry shape in their rotation. That would mean Marquis is done, and no one else has stepped up.

Center field is still a question mark for me. Reed Johnson/Edmonds platooning is passable in June, but down the stretch and into October I think it would be hard to win with this center field.

Jim Hendry is not afraid to make a bold move. Even though Nomar’s time in blue pinstripes was marred by injury, it was a gutsy trade. It will be interesting to see how these next 7 weeks develop and how he responds. The holes in this team are suprisingly few, but they are big ones.

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