Sore-iano DL could affect July trade options

With Soriano on the shelf until late July, looks like the team will call up Micah Hoffpauir again. This will give them a corner outfielder with (so far) a decent stick. I think we will see plenty of Mark DeRosain Left with Mike Fontenot at second, and Reed Johnson in Left with Jim Edmonds in Center.  This injury pretty much assures Edmonds will stick with the Cubs at least a few more weeks.  As I’ve written in the past, I want to see what Edmonds will do against the Cardinals when we play them July 4th weekend in St. Louis – now without Pujols or Soriano.

What will be interesting to see is how this may affect Jim Hendry’s trade deadline (July 31) strategy. While the Soriano injury shouldn’t be the kind that lingers or will dampen his abilities later in the season, it does thin out the depth of bench and minor leaguer options for the Cubs GM.  This could impact Hendry’s ability to make a deal late in July when some high-salary players will become available and the Cubs will have to move some young talent to get them.

No doubt the Cubs will try to fill some needs through trade deadline dealing. Starting pitching is a concern; the patchwork center field position could benefit from a legit everyday player; and always a left handed bat off the bench is on the shopping list.  Plus, if there are more injuries…there could be other needs not apparent right now.  The Cubs can trade from a place of strength right now with some major league ready young arms. As usual they have few if any position players that would interest many teams.  But with Soriano’s absence, Hendry will have to take another look at where he is and what’s available.

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