CC Sabathia to the rival Brewers

I was stunned this morning to learn the biggest prize in this year’s anticipated trade deadline sweepstakes would be going to the Milwaukee Brewers. This is clearly a warning shot across Jim Hendry‘s bow that the Brewers intend to challenge the Cubs for the division and perhaps more. So much for the argument that so-called small market teams can’t compete.  The Brewers were able to put together a package that brings them the Hefty Lefty, CC Sabathia from Cleveland.  Not good news for our beloved Northsiders.

How could Hendry have let the Hefty Lefty Land in our division?? Not only did Hendry fail to land the biggest fish, but now that CC is in our division the Cubs will likely have to face him a few times this year. This could be pivotal for the Cubs, especially if the division race comes down to just a game or two – CC Sabathia could very well be the difference maker for Milwaukee.

In my view, the pressure is on Hendry to find another legit starter for the playoff push. Not only will the Cubs be looking for the consolation prize player, but the other seven-odd teams rumored to have been wanting the Hefty Lefty will also be scrambling for whats left, even if only to save face with their fans. I mean, how can a team looking to make a serious push to October not make a July deadline deal?  Doing so can be a boost in the clubhouse in sending a message they are expected to win, but the fans also expect some blockbuster deal as a sign from the font office.

Jim Hendry is now on the clock to make a move to improve his own club as well as to counter what the Brewers have done. Rumblings have Rich Harden, AJ Burnett, Randy Wolf, and Eric Bedard all on the block. Will he get one of these guys or perhaps someone else? Any way you dice it, the Hefty Lefty is far and away the best of the this bunch. And those who remain are all a distant second.  Let’s hope the Cubs don’t end up a distant second come Oct 1 because of this…

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    July 7, 2008   Posted in: Hot Stove, Jim Hendry, rivalries, roster

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