Cubs division win slimmer due to Hefty Lefty

The Milwaukee Brewers’ acquisition of CC Sabathia is being rejoiced widely in Cheeseland. Not unlike the day the Cubs acquired Nomar Garciaparra in a trade deadline deal, the Brewers fandom is now making plans for the ticker tape parade down Suds Boulevard come the end of October.  ‘Schlemiel, Schlimazel, Hasenpfeffer incorporated’, indeed.

But in reality, I don’t know how many games the brew-crew will pick up due to the Hefty Lefty. If you’re trading up your fifth starter for Sabathia, you are probably trading a guy who might go 5-10 for a beefy guy who might get you 10-5.  That’s just a five game pickup.  So if CC Rider is truly the difference maker, you would have had to have the Cubs winning the division by less than 6 games over the Brewers.  Sure, it puts some heat on the Northsiders, and there’s a lot of PR collateral generated by a small market team landing a big (really big) fish.  But Cub fans should just hold on tight and realize – all else being equal – that the Cubs will likely win the division by fewer games as a result of Milwaukee getting Sabathia.

Of course, had Jim Hendry landed CC for the Cubs, that would have been a deal-killer for the rest of the NL Central.  But instead we will likely have a race to the finish line.  The Cubs are presently on pace for 98 win season, which should put away the Brewers & Cardinals by plenty. Anything can happen down the stretch, but I for one am not hanging my head with the news that Prince Fielder now has a running mate at the post-game buffet.

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    July 8, 2008   Posted in: Jim Hendry, observations, rivalries

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    1. Graham - July 9, 2008

      Harden is quite the addition to the Cubs rotation, eh? Building from the lead is so much better than trying to find the piece to get to the next level.

      Now if the bats could only wake up on the road. Soon enough, let’s hope they do.

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