Wrigley not such a hitters paradise

Media types like to associate the wind or the coziness of Wrigley Field with big home run numbers.  Visiting media tend to link the term “Windy City” with the weather. Actually, Chicago was first called the Windy City due to the blustery civic rhetoric used by the city fathers to promote the rebuilding of Chicago following the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.  As a city being rebuilt, there were lots of claims of newer, better, bigger that ruffled some feathers out East. So Chicago was dubbed the Windy City for the civic-minded propaganda, not the weather. But I digress..

The facts will show the wind actually blows in a full two-thirds of the season on average, with most of the days it blows out (S-SW wind) coming in the heat of summer. The dimensions of 353′ & 355′ down the lines are actually among the longest in the majors. True to say the park holds fewer fans than most, and the seats are very close to the field, but the playing dimensions are actually pretty respectable when compared to the other major league ballparks.

So far this year, Wrigley Field ranks 9th overall in HRs (US Cellular is first), although the Cubs have played at home more than not.  In 2007 Wrigley ranked 8th in HRs, in 2003 17th, and in 2001 ranked 22nd overall.  And Sammy Sosa alone hit 53 home runs at Wrigley in ’01 & ’03.  So I contend Wrigley Field isn’t such a hitters paradise as the national media might lead you to believe.  (And don’t get me started again on Joe Morgan and his ineptness)

Sheffield and Waveland Home Runs in 2008

The following is a breakdown of the 8 home runs hit at Wrigley Field that have landed on the streets of Sheffield Ave. (right field) and Waveland Ave. (left field) so far this season. 

Cubs:   1 on Sheffield, 1on Waveland, total: 2
Opponent:   2 on Sheffield, 4on Waveland, total: 6

Most Recent HR to reach Sheffield:
5/12/08, Jody Gerut (SD) off Carlos Zambrano

Most Recent HR to reach Waveland:
6/20/08, Jermaine Dye (CWS) off Ted Lilly

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