Kerry Wood to the DL but Cubs still on top

I think Cub fans suffer some degree of post-traumatic stress when it comes to key injuries and late summer division leads. 

With the hopes of the franchise resting on the shoulders/arms of Kerry Wood and Mark Prior in the first part of this decade, it was bitterly disappointing to watch them self destruct with injury after injury. So when the news came down today that Woody would be making his 12th career trip to the Disabled List, Cub nation seemed to react some degree of doomsday feelings. In reality, Wood has been out 10 days already, so he will only miss a few more before rejoining the team as closer. GM Jim Hendry made a statement prior to today’s game that while Kerry’s blister was getting better, he is still a few days out and probably needs to throw some before he returns to live action. So he said that puts him on target for a Tuesday or Wednesday return to action.  See – not so bad.

With the surging Brewers and the Cardinals hanging around, the Cubs division lead has dwindled to just 1 game going into todays action. So the nay-sayers are coming out from under their rocks (mostly Sox fans, I would guess) with the smack talk of how the Cubbies are wilting and how they knew this team wouldn’t go all the way.  Some fans who lived through 1969 are still trying to make sense of what happened that year as well. 

The 2008 Chicago Cubs are not the 1969 Cubs, and the 2008 Kerry Wood is not necessarily the Wood-Prior of ’04, ’05, & ’06.  Wood’s medical issue is not an arm or a shoulder or an elbow – its just a blister. Josh Beckett gets blisters. Heck, Big Daddy Rick Reuschel used to get blisters all the time too.

I say, cut ’em some slack, have some faith, and enjoy the ride!  All teams go through peaks and valleys throughout a long baseball season.  And during this discouraging stretch – whatta ya know – the Cubs are still in first place and starting to make some noise again!

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