What’s missing from Cubs-Brewers Rivalry

Where is the venom?  Where is the competitiveness?  Why aren’t these teams taking it personally? 

What’s missing from the Cubs-Brewers rivalry is some old fashioned animosity. We need some bean-balls, some hard slides, a bench clearing brawl to spice up this rivalry.  There is just too much respect and professionalism between these two ballclubs. It just doesn’t fit for how they beat each other up on the scoreboard and how they always seem to rise to meet the occasion when playing each other. 

There was another story today about arrests following a brawl in the stands during last nights game at Miller Park. The fans get it, why don’t the teams?  Its very different when the Cubs play the Cardinals or the White Sox – even the Astros. But its all niceness when they play the Brewers.  What’s up with that?  C’mon guys!

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    July 30, 2008   Posted in: rivalries

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    1. bleecherguy - August 1, 2008

      well, no fight cause Edmonds took the high road, but Gagne’s pitch behind him was something spicey for these guys

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