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John Dewan’s Stat of the Week™

Who has the cannons in the outfield so far this year? July 18, 2008 In my book, The Fielding Bible, we came up with a way to evaluate outfielder arms. We look at two elements: Runner Advance Percentage — how often do runners succeed at taken an extra base on a single or double, and […]

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Inland makes offer for Wrigley, not Cubs

The Score (WSCR radio Chicago) had it wrong.  During their sports news updates today, they were reporting Inland Real Estate of Oak Brook, a publicly traded REIT (NYSE symbol IRC) has reportedly made an offer of $300,000,000 to buy the Cubs.  Then they chuckled the offer was off by about $700k.  In fact, the Inland offer […]

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Grab this widget!

There is a new blog widget now available from Widgetbox… Get this widget and add it to wherever your widgets go: Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, iGoogle, …your own blog! You will get headlines from this blog for each entry posted so you can click through to read the full entry with ease! If you publish […]

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All Star Loss Could Sting in October

For a team who owns the best home record (37-12) in baseball, the All Star loss for the NL last night could come back to haunt them in October. The AL’s victory gives the American League team home field advantge in the World Series this year, which the Cubs hope/expect to be a participant in. So last […]

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Pitching analysis blog – recommended

I usually don’t write specifically about other sites but in this case I want to point out a Cubs blog with some pretty unique content. The site is CubsF/X and posts some pretty serious data on pitch location, spin, trajectory, velocity, statistical trends and in-depth analysis.  This looks to be a good site for deep […]

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Cubs and their cars

A number of people associated with the Chicago Cubs baseball team have endorsement and appearance deals with the automobile industry.  We’ve all heard the “drive what Ron Santo drives” radio commercials for Chevy. Mark DeRosa did an autograph signing at the Avenue Chevrolet dealership in Batavia, IL on the Cubs’ Monday off day this week. But […]

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John Dewan’s Stat of the Week™

Which All-Stars earned the trip to New York? July 10, 2008 There’s an old saying in Chicago: Vote early, vote often. Well, that certainly seemed to be the case for Cubs fans this season, as seven representatives of the Cubs were selected to play in the All-Star Game. You get the feeling there may have […]

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Rich Harden #40 Cubs Jeresy

Be among the first… Get your Rich Harden #40 Cubs jersey here!

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Rich Harden arrives at Wrigley Field

With much curiosity but no ceremony, the newest Cubs, Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin arrived at Wrigley Field late yesterday afternoon to join their new team. With their gear in Oakland Athletics duffle bags, they arrived via giant SUV in time for Tuesday night’s game against the Reds of Cincinnati. Photo of Rich Harden and […]

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Murphys Bleachers welcomes Harden

This photo says it all…

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