Go Cubs Go song at Wrigley Field

Chicago folk artist and long suffering Cub fan, Steve Goodman, was commissioned by WGN radio back in 1984 to write an up-beat Cubs song to help boost the marketing of the ’84 Cubs.  Goodman already had written and performed the acerbic “Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request” and (as I understand the story) Dan Fabian from WGN asked him for something more positive they could play to promote the radio broadcasts in ’84. Steve Goodman died of leukemia 11 days before the 1984 Cubs played their first playoff game since 1945.

These days, it has become tradition for the Goodman song “Go Cubs Go” to be played to the Wrigley faithful following each home win. Its interesting and exciting to see people actually stay after the game to participate in this phenomenon. Usually crowds tend to disperse in an effort to beat the traffic when an event winds down.  But at Wrigley, people stay on to be a part of something.  Kind of a cool feeling indeed.

I posted a video of the Go Cubs Go song following a Cubs win (and Kerry Wood save) on the main CubHub.net site:


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    August 11, 2008   Posted in: CubHub.net Site Update, game day, oldschool

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    1. Chicago Cubs - August 24, 2008

      This is the best shot the Cubs have at winning the World Series since I have a fan, go Cubs.

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