Cubs getting it done on the road

A rarity. The Cubs are putting the bat on the ball – on the road. Obviously this is a good sign as this ballclub has really hit well at home, but comes dramatically down to earth on the road. The 4-game sweep of the Brewers in Milwaukee, and now a 3-game sweep in Atlanta. Over these last two road series, they have averaged just over 8.5 runs per game resulting in winning all 7 games. That’s getting it done, big time.

The pitching has been solid although starters really aren’t going deep enough into games. Getting 5 or 6 innings every day is putting a lot of pressure and strain on the bullpen. Some relief will come with the September 1st call-ups as the rosters expand. Then we can start budgeting out innings so guys can both get their work and their rest as we line up for post-season baseball. Yes, I said it…curses be damned.

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    August 14, 2008   Posted in: observations

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