Cubs Cruising to the Clincher

Lou Piniella has been commenting on all the historical references coming up these days.  You know, the “…not since 1984”, or “last time that happened was 1935”, “a hundred years since…” stuff.  Lou says he’s not interested in all that, he just wants this team to focus on what is in front of them. Piniella has been here before and knows his squad has to finish strong.

With the LA Angels up 17 games in their division, they will clinch with weeks to go in the season. This will then present the challenge for them that Lou had with his 2001 Mariners team that won 116 games and got stale waiting for the playoffs. They lost the ALCS to the Yankees 4 games to 1 after just making it through the ALDS, winning game 5 at home over the Indians. I would like to see the Cubs cruise into the division title with about 7-10 days to go in the season – no excitement, no streaks, just winning series’. This would give them time to rest some guys, line up their rotation, and prepare to face (presumably) the NL West division champs, LA or Arizona. Once in the playoffs, victory goes to the hottest team.

Your Turn

Some great comments have come in lately from AJ on Cubs Never Out Of It post, and from Lamar Miller on the Joe Morgan Is A Putz post. 

AJ pointed out how with the Brewers 9 games abck of the Cubs in the loss column, they would need to go 26-5 in their remaining 31 games to beat out the Cubs assuming we slump to .500 (16-16) in our last 32 games. That’s an excellent observation that illustrates how well in hand this Cubs team has the division.  Just take care of business modestly and we are home free. 

Lamar added on to many of the posts and comments received at World HQ regarding the ineptness of Joe Morgan. That post was actually picked up by the Sun-Times and Reuters there was so much interest.

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