Soriano about to explode?

Often times, an indication a good hitter is about to go on a tear is when they are seeing the ball well. They hit line drives, take a few pitches, and start drawing more walks.  Alfonso Soriano has astonishingly (for him) taken 7 walks plus 4 SBs in the past 6 games. For a guy who drew 31 walks in all of 2007, that is showing some remarkable patience. He’s obviously seeing the ball well and that can only be a bad sign for opposing pitchers.

The Fonz had 3 hits yesterday, all singles. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if he soon goes off on one of his 23 for 50 with 6 HRs streaks. This guy is a pro hitter, but he’s nothing if not streaky.

Soriano showing a good eye

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    August 26, 2008   Posted in: observations, players, stats

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    1. Gregg - August 26, 2008

      Great point. It seems since his home run gaffe (when Lou called him out, and he apologized to the team) he’s been playing much more consistent, and that consistency even extends out to left field with his glove. Sure he’s streaky, but when he gets into one of those streaks, is there another ballplayer that’s more exciting to watch?

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