Will the NL MVP please stand up

Aramis “I Promise” Ramirez is keeping his promise of late, slugging 3 x 3 home run blasts in the last two games. Suddenly talk radio has him slated as a NL MVP candidate. That may be a stretch but considering the Cubs’ success one would think the leagues’ MVP should come from this team, the best record in all of baseball. With all the contributions this team gets up and down the lineup and off the bench, choosing one player as MVP is a tough job. Those having impact years have to be the likes of Soto, Ramirez, Theriot, DeRosa, Soriano, Dempster, Wood, Marmol and Harden. (we can give Derrek Lee an honorable mention) I would vote for Soriano, evident by his numbers despite missing 49 games and how well the team plays when Fonzy is in the lineup.

Kosuke Fukudome may have had a chance if Lou would have talked to him two months ago when the “young man” was doing front foot pirouettes at the plate swinging at everything and anything that moved. If the MVP is a true measurement of the player who is considered the most valuable to his team, that honor would have to befall the likes of Mark DeRosa who by far has demonstrated his high value to the team and if you take a peek at his numbers, you will notice, that boy is having a career year at the plate.

Don’t count out Aramis just yet. If he continues his torrid pace into September, you never know what will happen. Looks like the Cy Young will most likely find itself going to a member of the D-Backs.

Submitted by: AJ

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