Zambrano or Not, Cubs Playoff Bound

Carlos Zambrano left Tuesday’s game this week saying to Larry Rothschild he ‘wasn’t feeling well’. Not sure what that means specifically, and given Lou’s pregame comments today, we still don’t know what to make of his complaint. To add further mystery, Z missed out on his MRI today leaving his physical exam from the Cubs team doctor incomplete. So what does this all mean?  Well, nothing yet.

Best case is Z misses a start or two and then returns for a few pre-playoff starts to get lined up and sharp for the NLDS opener. That may or may not be wildly optimistic but at this point we don’t have evidence to the contrary.

I’m choosing to focus on what’s known and see what happens.  If there is one thing the 2008 Cubs have going for them, its one player does not make or break this squad. So in reality, Z or no Z, the Cubs need to focus on the playoffs – not worry about what they don’t know or don’t have available to them.

Carlos Zambrano at Wrigley Field   Carlos Zambrano at Wrigley Field   Carlos Zambrano at Wrigley Field


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