Cubs, Brews, Phils lose; Lou ready to pop

He holds his lips tighter. He talks louder and faster. You can hear the rumble building in his voice. His words don’t come as easy. No one else gets to say anything when he’s around. The US Geological Survey is measuring all these indicators and confirms is now seems certain:  Mount Lou is going to blow!

Cubs manager Lou Piniella did not talk to the media after Sunday’s tough loss. Monday was an off day, then last night the Cubs did what they haven’t done all year until about two weeks ago; they blew the lead, didn’t get the timely hits, played sloppy, got the bad bounces and the opposing team did exactly the opposite to wrestle victory from the arms of the Northsiders. Again.

Lou’s postgame press conference shows that Lou is just about done being a bystander to His Team playing so poorly. He says he doesn’t have a problem with the effort, but the guys just aren’t getting it done. A wise manager like Lou Piniella knows he can’t take his frustrations out on the players.  Not entirely anyway. And the media, well, they get some shrapnel but I have a strong suspicion that Lou will vent his feelings in a very public way some time soon. It might be tonight, might be tomorrow, and unless the W flag starts getting a workout for the Cubbies, he will certainly boil over by the weekend.

Umpires should be on notice that Lou is about to pop a gasket. The guy just can’t tolerate losing and he knows his team has a cushion and can afford a correction in their win-loss record now. But as he points out, their lead just isn’t that big and if they continue to fail to execute they can get caught. So some unsuspecting ump can expect to feel the hot breath of Mount Lou erupting in front of a big crowd, on TV, and for the world to see some time very soon.  You can just feel it, can’t you?

Cubs manager Lou Piniella takes umbrage

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    September 10, 2008   Posted in: Lou Piniella

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    1. stephen - September 10, 2008

      gotta love whe Sweet Uncle Lou explodes – that may just get these guys going again!

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