Lilly Got The Message, and Gave One Too

Ted Lilly got the message. He apparently took to heart the message Lou was trying to send to his team via shouting his frustrations in a post-game news conference from a room adjacent to the Cubs locker room. Presumably the team could hear Lou going off after Tuesday’s loss but his message was not anything they didn’t know.

Ted Lilly took it to the field last night and pitched eight stellar innings of ball. He also ran over Cards catcher Yadier Molina, knocking him out of the game even though Lilly was out on the play. That was a message delivered by Lilly to the rest of the league by way of the Cardinals. The message is this team wants to win and will run over people to do so – even pitchers running over catchers in full gear. Lou said on Tuesday the Cubs have to ‘roll up their shirts’ and ‘go out and kick somebody’s ass’. Ted Lilly did just that last night. Impressive.

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    September 11, 2008   Posted in: Lou Piniella, players, rivalries

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