Calm Before the Storm

Things are fairly quiet in Cubland this week. Like many unfortunate late-September weeks in Cubs history, the games are of little significance. This year is of course different in the team has clinched everything it can in winning the division early and clinching home field advantage for the divisional and league championship series. So they go out there and get some work in, rest some guys, and others on the bubble of making the postseason roster getting one last chance to prove their mettle. There is no excitement, no headlines, its as if the entire Cub nation is taking a giant, collective deep breath.

Sports talk radio has turned attention to the White Sox and Bears for the week. News and politics are getting some air time. People are hunkering-down at work, paying some extra attention to the important things in life. 

But that all ends come Monday as the eve of October baseball for the Chicago Cubs rapidly approaches. For now, though, rest up as its sure to be a wild ride for the next few weeks.

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    September 24, 2008   Posted in: observations

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