Corey dating Dusty’s daughter?

Ok, now this is a weird one. We all know from his years at the helm of the Cubs that Dusty Baker like to have “his guys” around him. When he singed as manager of the Reds, suddenly former Cub players started appearing on his roster; Paul Bako, David Weathers, Kent Mercker, Jerry Hairston Jr, and Corey Patterson.  How Neifi Perez didn’t get signed I’ll never know. Also he brought in some familiar coaching names in Chris Speier and Dick Pole. As the saying goes, Dusty really “got the band back together!”

Now comes word there has been a rumor circulating about Corey Patterson dating Dusty’s daughter, resulting in him getting a starting job in the Reds center field.  Today Dusty address that in a the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Corey Patterson then and now   Dusty Baker then and now

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    September 26, 2008   Posted in: oddities, rivalries

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