Down to the last day

The Brewers need a win desperately to win or tie the Wild Card. Looks like Lou may help them a bit. Word is Carlos Zambrano will not start Sunday in the final regular season game after all. He will do his pitching on the side and young Angel Guzman will pitch for the Cubs against CC Sabathia, again on short rest. There is no tomorrow for the Brewers, so it’s all hands on deck for Milwaukee.

Meanwhile, the potential Cubs’ round one playoff opponents have narrowed to just two; the New York Mets or the Los Angeles Dodgers. If the Mets win the Wild Card, it will be Cubs vs Dodgers in the NLDS. If the Brewers win the Wild Card, the Cubs will host the Dodgers for game one, round one on Wednesday at Wrigley Field.

From my point of view, either LA or NY are good pulls for the Northsiders. They both have some bangers, as does Philly. But the pitching – at least on paper – looks pretty mortal to me. I dreaded the idea of facing Arizona again with Webb, Haren & company. Anything can happen in a short (best of 5) series, and those two guys can shut any offense down. But the Mets and Dodgers have some good arms, but not great. The Dodgers have a pretty complete staff that will keep you at 3-4 runs per game. But only Derek Lowe gives me pause. Seems like he’s capable of tossing a gem every now and then and has been hot lately. 

The NY Mets have Johann Santana (who tossed a clutch 3-hit shutout Saturday) but after that, mere mortals. The Mets offense was second to the Cubs in run production. I think there is some karma at work in (possibly) having to get past the Mets and Shea Stadium to advance in this dream season in the making for the Cubs.

Any way you slice it, they are happy in Atlanta in the headquarters of TBS, the network broadcasting the NLDS; the teams involved will be from 2 of the 3 largest media markets.

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