11 Victories To Go

Thirty minutes or so from the first pitch of the Cubs Postseason run, I find myself percolating with anticipation. Not entirely unlike the hours leading up to opening day but different in that I know how good this team is. 

In the spring, excitement comes from potential of what might be.  Today it comes from the knowledge that this is a very good, well balanced team that made it through the grind of the season to come out as best team in the NL.  Now it is show time.  Now they need to take all that talent, all that accomplishment, and apply it when it really matters.  This is it – leave it on the field, save nothing for tomorrow. 

There is a unique anxiety that comes with expectation. I also recognize there is an element of luck and timing that must also line up to close the deal. In the David Mammet play (and movie) “Glengarry Glen Ross”, they use the line coffee is for closers

Here’s to you, Chicago Cubs of 2008:

Now close the deal!

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