Santo should make it this time

Noon (Central time) on Monday at baseball’s annual Winter Meetings in Las Vegas, the Hall of Fame Veteran’s Committee will announce who, if anyone, will be inducted this year. Beloved Cubs evangelist and radio color analyst Ron Santo will learn his fate once again. The Veteran’s Committee votes on what is essentially righting the wrongs of the past, allowing in deserving baseball figures who are no longer eligible for the Baseball Writers Association “regular” vote. Santo’s election to the Hall has long been a torturous exercise of near misses and – in typical Ronnie fashion – emotions spilling out out all over the place. The last vote was two years ago and Ron fell jsut five votes shy.

I really think this year will be the one for Ron Santo. He is deserving and frankly, I doubt many others have received the amount of publicity for being overlooked by the Hall that Santo has. Also eligible are Gil Hodges and Joe Torre.  Torre is deserving as a manager, but I’m not so sure about what was a pretty solid but not spectacular career on the field. Yeah, this is Santo’s year.  I know this because I can still hear Ron’s hoarse voice shouting “This is the year!“, a clip that WGN Radio played over and over and over again last season. This time perhaps its true.

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    December 6, 2008   Posted in: awards, observations, the media

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