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This off season, through the organizational meetings in November and the MLB Winter Meetings in December in beloved Las Vegas, has been heavy on rumor and light on action. To be honest, I have not really fallen in love with any of the player packages the media and fans have been chewing on since October. As I wrote in November, Jake Peavy would be a huge pickup, but at the five-for-one price being discussed would be very risky indeed. If that deal had come to pass (or still finds life), Jim Hendry might have traded his entire inventory of desirables for one guy that would then be expected to be the missing link to a World Series Championship. That’s not only a lot of pressure on one guy (ask Rich Harden about big expectations) but any pitcher is conceivably one strain away from a DL ride to obscurity. So for me, I would rather see more insurance in a deal than one big gun to sink or swim with. If the Padres would package up an Adrian Gonzalez with Peavy for a handful of top young Cubs and Derrek Lee, (credit to AJ for that idea) then I could get behind that.

Now there is a lot of talk of sending Jason Marquis to the Rockies for basically a “garbage time” arm in Luis Vizcaino. Sure, we dump about $5mil in salary by some reports, but we really aren’t getting any on-the-field value back in return.

Then there is Milton Bradley.  With him you get some baseball value but a lot of baggage too. Not sure how much of Bradley’s infamous “colorful personality” Sweet Lou Piniella would tolerate.  He could possibly upset any chemistry this team has going for it.  That said, I don’t know if that would be a reason not to do a deal. The guy has some power and can hit for some average but has a big hole in his swing with lots of K’s. Plus, only one time in his 9 year MLB career has he made 500+ at-bats.  Sounds like an injury risk to me, big time.

So again, I’m not all that thrilled about the rumors I’ve seen so far. Not a lot of sizzle and definitely not a lot of steak either. Wake me when there is something to pay attention to.  I think Mr. Hendry is looking to do very little as far as marquee moves, except of course moving Marquis. Methinks Lou is behind dumping his #5 starter before pitchers & catchers report.

For what its worth, stay tuned to for the most complete and timely coverage.  They do a fantastic job of staying on top of everything and Tim Dierkes is a Chicago guy so your gotta like that.

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