Elton & Billy add second show

Wrigley Field will play host to a second show featuring Elton John and Billy Joel “Face 2 Face“.  In addition to the July 21 show, they have added another performance on Thursday July 16, 2009.  Tickets go on sale Monday at noon, but great seats for both shows can be had from StubHub.

What strikes me as odd is the 5 day gap between shows.  I know Sir Elton prefers plenty of scheduled rest between performances but from a production perspective, 5 days is a long time to leave all the staging, rigging and gear setup and idle.  I wonder if the second show sells out quickly if a third show on the Saturday between these two announced shows might be penciled in on someone’s yellow pad somewhere?  Hmmm…

UPDATE:  There will be a show on Saturday July 18 as I speculated, but not Elton & Billy.  According to Jim DeRogatis, it will be Rascall Flatts with Darius Rucker!

Stay tuned to the special Wrigley Concerts section on CubHub.net for developments!

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      Jim DeRogatis of the Sun-Times and Sound Opinions on NPR has an interesting article on these concerts at Wrigley. Check it out here:

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