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Lou taps Gregg for closer

I am surprised. I thought for sure Carlos Marmol the heir apparent, and newly acquired Kevin Gregg the insurance policy. Wrong. Some of the arguments pro and con that I am hearing today make sense to me, but I’m not so sure about Gregg.  I have never seen him pitch – I only know him by […]

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Running the Wrigley Scoreboards

I’m always interested in the behind the scenes stuff that goes into a professional baseball game. As a youngster, I used to love when the grounds crew would come out with that fire hose and water the infield dirt just prior to game time. I like to see the players arrive, I like to watch […]

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Cubs Fantasy Baseball Preview

I’ve been a Yahoo Fantasy Baseball player for several years. Too often I draft with my heart instead of my head and collect too many Cubs. Sticking too long with Mark Prior and Derrek Lee has done me more harm than good. My Yahoo trophy case is actually pretty full (13) in spite of this […]

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The Pat Hughes Interview – part 2

Pat Hughes, the Voice of the Chicago Cubs, visited with for an exclusive interview just prior to reporting for Spring Training 2009.  Pat was kind enough to discuss his Baseball Voices CD series on the great announcers of major league baseball. In part two, Pat discusses the teams he followed as a youth in […]

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No Schilling for Cubs

Curt Schilling announced his retirement today from Major League Baseball. I loved that he made this announcement on his offical blog, by the way.  But in doing so, Schilling will not be coming to the Cubs as was rumored early in spring training.  And thank god for that!  If this team is as close to […]

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Wrigley Rooftops Changing with the Times

Nancy Armour, a national writer for the Associated Press filed this story today about Wrigley rooftops.  Her angle is that the economy is impacting rooftop owners, but the story also includes a pretty good history and overview of the rooftop scene.  The present economy is of course impacting corporate spending which often has been the sweet spot of […]

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The Pat Hughes Interview – part 1

Just as the Cubs opened spring training camp 2009, Pat Hughes, the Voice of the Chicago Cubs on WGN Radio was kind enough to take some time for a exclusive interview with In part one, Pat talks about his Baseball Voices series of “commemorative audio tribute” CDs spotlighting the careers of such broadcasting luminaries as Bob Uecker, […]

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John Dewan’s Stat of the Week™

Who are the top 10 projected hitters for the 2009 season? Twice a year we project the upcoming season for the most important hitters and pitchers. First, we run the earliest projections in The Bill James Handbook. Then we run them again around this time of year, updating them for the latest transactions and playing […]

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