Wrigley Rooftops Changing with the Times

Nancy Armour, a national writer for the Associated Press filed this story today about Wrigley rooftops.  Her angle is that the economy is impacting rooftop owners, but the story also includes a pretty good history and overview of the rooftop scene. 

The present economy is of course impacting corporate spending which often has been the sweet spot of the Wrigley Field Rooftop client base – to rent out large blocks of seats is easier than managing the small 2, 4, 6 seat consumer sales. So this year some of the rooftops are getting creative in offering season ticket packages to individuals for their rooftops.

These days marketing is everything as people are tending to spend less and scrunitize the possibilities more carefully. So for Cub fans, it might be more of a buyer’s market when it comes to tickets for the ol’ ball game.

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    1. fruitbat - March 27, 2009

      That’s not much history in the linked article. Who started the rooftop club thing? It started around the time that bleacher sales went to advance tickets (’85?) and, of course, the lights came in. When did the Cubs finally get a piece of the action? The article implies how–the constant threat of screening. I remember around that time the Cubs management having a hissy about the ad on the roof of the building across Waveland (or maybe it was WGN), because the building owner got the money… The Cubs/Tribune would try to get a piece of anything happening in the neighborhood if they could. I hope the next owners remember that a huge percentage of the appeal of the Cubs is Wrigley.

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