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I’ve been a Yahoo Fantasy Baseball player for several years. Too often I draft with my heart instead of my head and collect too many Cubs. Sticking too long with Mark Prior and Derrek Lee has done me more harm than good. My Yahoo trophy case is actually pretty full (13) in spite of this flawed philosophy. With the fantasy season upon us, I offer my humble opinion on the Cubs fantasy outlook for 2009…

Alfonso SorianoAlfonso Soriano
Probably the top ranked Cub in fantasy baseball. He can carry your team for a week or two at a time, but he will hit you with a 2 for 20 a few times too. In the end, Soriano will provide you with numbers that rank among the top 10 offensive outfielders.

Carlos Zambrano
Big Z, not unlike Alfonso Soriano, will throw up a few dogs at you but overall will rank as a very solid starting pitcher. Z will get you wins and K’s with a good ERA and respectable WHIP. Some weeks he will dominate but he is not as predictable as other top tier pitchers.

Aramis Ramirez
A-Ram is easily a top producing 3rd baseman. Both Sporting News and Yahoo rank him 4th, with Evan Longoria ahead of him. Longoria is definitely on the come, but Aramis has proven capable of better numbers year in and year out. That said, you can pencil in 2-3 weeks of injury for him – whether they DL him or not. So if you draft A-Ram, make sure you have someone that can play backup at 3rd for a week or so at a time.

Rich Harden
Harden’s pitching numbers are filthy. He is fantasy gold IF he can give you innings. As a Cub he has been pampered to pitch just 5-6 innings per start. And Lou Piniella has shown he will give him an extra day and skip a start from time to time. But when Rich Harden pitches, expect low ERA & WHIP, and more than a K per inning.

Geovany Soto
Geovany SotoGeo took Rookie honors last year and deservedly so. As a rule, however, I try to let others grab last years’ rookie sensation at an inflated price. They have a name for rookie sensations that don’t build on their early success: “sophomore slump”. I’m not saying Soto will not improve, not at all. But I would be very careful about the price of drafting him high. If you can get him after your other key positions are filled, then go for it. But in the drafts I’ve seen so far, he’s going a little higher than I would like.

Carlos Marmol
Forget all this chatter of a battle between Marmol and Kevin Gregg as Cubs closer in 2009. This is Marmol’s job to lose. Gregg is on board to setup and be an insurance policy as Marmol is still very young. When he is in, his stuff is unhittable so look for stellar ERA, WHIP, K’s and Saves. He could be #1 overall closer in the Bigs this year.

Milton Bradley
If Bradley can stay healthy, he can give you a solid Plan B as an injury fill in, or in really diluted leagues could start. I would look skeptically on his Texas numbers as everyone bats well in TX. Although an advantage for him on the Northside is he may benefit from a deep lineup that prevents anyone from getting pitched around. So, health is the key. I would bet on good AVE & OPS, but don’t draft him high.

Ryan Dempster
Dempster is a solid starter – he takes the ball every fifth day and seems to always keep you in the game. As you second or third SP option, he will deliver. Demp’s sub-3 ERA from 2008 was a career first for him, so don’t expect a repeat. But he should be in the 3’s with decent WHIP, good wins, decent K’s. Very solid but not a #1 starter.

Sean Marshall
The Cubs fifth starter could provide your fantasy team with a solid 3rd or 4th option as well. Look for decent Wins, ERA in the mid-to-upper 3’s but an iffy WHIP. He could be a steal with your last draft pick.

Ted Lilly
Lilly has been very solid for years and could be a good middle of the rotation option for your fantasy team. Expect good Wins, decent K’s and WHIP. His ERA could be very close to 4.xx.

Ryan Theriot
Ryan Theriot is kind of a sneaky pick for shortstop. From a fantasy perspective, you could do worse than a .300 hitter who plays every day and can steal a bag, score a run. He has no pop whatsoever so the day he hits his annual home run is the day you should buy a lottery ticket. Still, if you are loaded elsewhere like corner OF and IF, and maybe have a top 3 catcher, get Theriot at a bargain and he won’t kill you.

Derrek LeeDerrek Lee
In the fantasy baseball world, D-Lee has fallen on some hard times. His last three years’ numbers have steadily declined, most alarmingly in the power categories. He will give you doubles, but the bombs and ribs have been down. Is this his comeback year? Maybe so, but don’t draft him as a starter unless you are in a very thin league indeed. He remains undrafted in a 12 team Yahoo Public league I am in. Kinda makes me sad.

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