Review: Cubs Annual 2009

Cubs Annual 2009The Cubs Annual 2009 from Maple Street Press looks like a magazine but reads like a book. With 128 glossy color pages there are just two advertisements; one for the Boise Cubs minor league affiliate and the other for the publisher. Edited by ubiquitous Cubs expert Al Yellon of popular blog Bleed Cubbie Blue, this volume is packed full of interesting, unique, relevant information on the upcoming Cubs season. Really, no serious fan should pass up this publication – especially for just $12.99 from your favorite newsstand or direct from the publisher.

There is a player by player profile for the Cubs 2009 starters that includes some interesting in-depth data such as a strike zone graphic for each hitters hot, cold, power and chase zones. It is well presented, and really easy to read and understand which is difficult sometimes with stat charts.  For pitchers it has a similar graphic for pitch location and frequency.

Each chapter has a different writer with some big names participating.  In addition to Al Yellon, George Castle reflects on the ’08 Cubs, Paul Sullivan on Tribune ownership, Len Kasper does a great ‘day in the life of a Cubs broadcaster’, and Bruce Miles writes on some of the drama that played out with last year’s Cub team.

Other features include a look at the ’69 Cubs forty years later, 20 years since the Boys of Zimmer, as well as articles on Wrigley, the minor league report, and an overview of the NL Central Division. The photos in this book are world class and worth the price of admission alone.

This is a great read, and a particularly good primer to help get serious Cub fans prepared for the season.  With some of the info here you are likely to win more than a few bar/bleacher bets!

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    1. alfredo s. - April 2, 2009

      found this on Twitter. have this book too, its a good one!!

    2. Mike - April 2, 2009

      Anyone who learns something significant about the Cubs by reading Al Yellon cannot be described as a serious Cubs fan.

    3. Ronnie - May 3, 2009

      Al Yellon who?

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