The Pat Hughes Interview – Part 3

In the third and final installment of our exclusive interview with Pat Hughes, the Voice of the Chicago Cubs, we cover a range of topics. The first clip begins with Pat’s favorite visitor to the broadcast booth: Jimmy Buffett. Then he goes into keeping the broadcast interesting in spite of the many bad teams he’s broadcasted between Milwaukee and the North Side.  He touches on the “Pat & Ron Show” and his special chemistry with Ronnie.

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In clip two, Pat discusses his broadcast partners including Ron Santo, Harry Caray, Bob Uecker, and even Al McGuire on Marquette basketball broadcasts. We learn Bob Uecker is an individual performer and Ron Santo hates doing play by play – no surprise there.

Virgil Patrick Hughes continues with the development of Andy Masur and Corey Provus from Cubs fill-in announcers to getting their own gigs in San Diego and Milwaukee respectively. This interview took place just before Provus officially accepted the Brewers job, but Pat shares some advice for Corey when he gets the chair next to Uecker. Again, Bob Uecker is The Man in his broadcast and is not to be upstaged!

Pat goes into life on the road, food he likes and his thoughts on the upcoming 2009 Chicago Cubs. Oh, and he has no fear of Milton Bradley charging the broadcast booth to complain about any commentary!

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I have to tell you Pat Hughes was most gracious and generous with his time. I am not a professional reporter or journalist – I have a small pulpit here on CubHub, but I felt Pat was as fully engaged with little ol’ me as he might have been talking to a major market drive time radio personality. My sincere thanks to Pat for participating in this exclusive interview.  And again, check out his Baseball Voices series as well as Harry Caray the Voice of the Fans book, co-written with Bruce Miles of the Daily Herald.

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